Drunken Soccer.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

drunken soccer

Drunk soccer
The Art of Deception

A brief history About Drunken boxing!

Drunken Boxing originated from the legend of the Eight Immortals, in which it is said that eight gods were invited to a meeting in an undersea kingdom. However, following substantial alcohol intake they all became tipsy. At this point, the kingdom guards thought the immortals were vulnerable and with this attacked. How wrong they were! The immortals adapted to the situation, thus creating the drunken style and defeated the undersea kingdom's guards.
To perform Drunken Boxing to a high level of execution, the student must have great flexibility of the muscles and joints, as well as power, coordination, and most importantly a good center line of balance. This enables the student to lean one way and strike in the opposite direction.
The secret to this style is maintaining a clear and sharp mind, while giving the appearance of being drunk. Although a practitioner appears to be swaying, stumbling, rising, and falling, they are all movements used to devastating effect. The swaying is the build up to the sudden release of blows that are disguised until impact.
Due to the application of this style, it appears as if the practitioner is getting somewhat lucky as he falls into his opponent and catches him with these unorthodox, yet lethal techniques. But believe me when I say there is no luck involved, only great mastery of an art that is meant to confuse the opponent.
The hand form which is most commonly associated with Drunken Boxing is the cup-holding method, whereby practitioners mimic holding small Chinese cups between their thumb and index finger. Practitioners will hold these cups for hours in preparation of perfect hand forms.
To this day, techniques performed in Drunken Boxing on film and in practice demonstrates attributes of each of the immortals. The legendary gods are as follows; Liu Dong-bin, Ho Sen-ku, Lam Choy-wah, Cho Quat-kau, Cheung Guo-lo, Han Sing-tu, Han Chung-li, and Tit Gwai-li.

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